Dr Dan Kaufman

Would you like to discover…

How to engage more deeply with others?

How to connect with your deeper sense of purpose?

How to bring more passion to your life?

The keys to rewriting the story of your life?

What stops you from achieving your goals?

A path to becoming a more impactful and effective leader?

How to free yourself from the barriers that keep you stuck?

Your Core gifts?

A deeper more authentic sense of self?  

Would you like to explore the possibility of discovering a story you’d never thought of or thought possible? When we are free from our self-limiting beliefs and discover our gifts, new worlds await us.

All the answers already lie within us. The Discovery Coaching processes can help to support you in this growth and to provide new eyes with which to see the world.  

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After many years of working with a wide variety of both young and older people, Dan has developed an unusual combination of both common sense and a large kitbag of strategies to help people make changes in their life. He’s the kind of person you can immediately talk to about anything. He has an uncanny knack for helping people come up with the strategies that will work the best for them, rather than giving a lot of advice.  When I need a comfortable person to talk things through, I connect with Dan.

Bruce Anderson, Director, Core Gift Institute

Dan effectively creates a space for people to be vulnerable, reflective, and authentic.  Through the space he creates, individuals, leaders and organizations are empowered to do the deep work required to successfully foster and participate in transformative and adaptive change – change that makes a difference in our own lives, the lives of others, and profoundly impacts what occurs as possible.  Dan is both gentle and courageous with his methodology, leading vulnerably and by example; he is responsible, reflective, and integrous.  Being with and being coached by Dan is like floating in a vast and endless sea – I was never afraid I would drown and was certain he could hold any issue I was working through with grace, generosity, and a deep commitment to what was important to me.  I had a freedom to explore, to say what I was afraid to say, and to dream big.  Regardless of the circumstance I was dealing with, I knew that Dan would provide conversations with me that would allow me to discover my blindspots and find my own access to fulfilling what I am committed to.  Dan is a person who fearlessly honors his word, honors who he says he will be for others, and his reliability, authenticity, and heart make him one of the most extraordinary individuals I have had the honor to work with.


I have had the pleasure of working Dr. Dan Kaufman for the last five years.  Dan is an excellent coach that always has time for check-ins and reflection. Dan is an expert at reading me and the situations I find myself in and at asking questions to help me reflect, expand my frame of reference and find the right path to move forward.  I have grown so much as a leader working with Dr. Kaufman. He is everything you could ask for in a coach; incredibly thoughtful and professional and he has been an invaluable asset in my leadership career.

Dr. Kaufman has coached me on professional activities such as designing professional development, leading committee meetings, facilitating peace making circles and engaging with community members, individual staff members and students. He has also encouraged me to grow personally and professionally by helping me to recognize my unique skills and gifts and by helping me to make reflecting on my practice an essential part of my role as a leader.  Through his support I have been able to overcome unseen barriers to my growth and to value my opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. Dr. Kaufman has become a vital part of my team and I would recommend his services to anyone.

Meghan Griffin